About onbike.nl

Somewhere in 2009 I started cycling, I bought a second hand racing bike and then I had to find the rest of the stuff, I was, to say the least, indignant about what was for sale in cycling clothes, boring or with so many advertisements of brands and banks that I didn't like anyway.

That had to change, I searched the internet and luckily there are still brands that make something of it, so I ended up at Primal. I ordered a shirt that came from the USA and paid a lot of import duties, but then you have something unique.

From that moment on, I came to the conclusion that there must be more cyclists and mtb-ers who think the same way, the choice to start onbike was made.

A small webshop with as only brand Primal and a few shirts in the assortment, there appeared to be more people who already knew Primal and knew how to find onbike.

Since then, we have added several brands to our assortment, but still based on the same principle: it has to be special, but it also has to be good. A hip shirt or trousers that is not comfortable, nobody wears and we will therefore not include in our collection.

Since the start of onbike, we have a very large collection of ladies cycling wear. The classic brands and big shops still had a small and often boring collection of ladies cycling wear, but at onbike there was already plenty of colour and nice ladies cycling wear to be found,

Since 2009 I'm still regularly on the bike myself, very handy when you want to test the new clothing and not only believe the marketing of the suppliers but also speak from my own experience, September 2015 I climbed the Mont Ventoux in one day for charity (stop brain tumours).

We do not offer one-size-fits-all or the cheapest cycling gear, but always exclusive and of good quality.

Onbike.nl | Jan Henk